How it works

Mission contracts

All mission contracts are made between the Operator carrying out a mission and their Client. If applying with an hourly rate, rather than a fixed rate, the hourly rate is fixed to the amount originally quoted by the Operator and agreed to by the Client for the mission. However; should the duration of time an Operator spends on a mission differ to what was originally estimated, they will have the opportunity to change this before submitting their invoice. Should this go over their original estimate, they will need to have agreed this increase with their Client prior to submitting their invoice. Once the Operator has uploaded the assets for the mission and submitted their invoice, their Client will be required to pay the full balance of the invoice before the assets are released. Once the Client has paid, there will be a period of 7 days before this amount is released to the Operator. During this time, should their Client raise any issues with the work provided by the Operator, the Operator will be expected to try to resolve these issues directly with their Client. If agreement cannot be reached, DRONEWORK will help to mediate a resolution, which could include the Client being refunded in full. The decision of DRONEWORK will be final. It is assumed that, unless otherwise agreed between these parties, full ownership, usage and copyrights over the assets provided by the Operator are transferred to the Client upon the later paying for the assets and provided that the process described above completes successfully without unresolvable issues. DRONEWORK also reserves the right to continue to store and use the assets that the Operator provided for research and/or for the purposes of promoting and marketing the Operator and the platform more widely.


We use Stripe to ensure you get paid on time and to keep your personal bank and details secure. Once an Operator has received their first payment, they will be provided with a link to their Stripe Connect Express dashboard, which stores details of their earnings and transactional history on DRONEWORK. Invoices will be available to download for Operators and Clients within their DRONEWORK accounts from their mission archive.


Client-paid deposits, where an Operator has requested one when applying to a mission, are held by DRONEWORK and are included in the final payout to the Operator upon successful completion of the mission. If there are any issues caused by either Operator or Client, we will help to mediate, which can include the deposit being refunded to the Client or paid to the Operator in full. In these scenarios, the decision of DRONEWORK will be final.


DRONEWORK adds a service fee of 5% to all Client invoices. DRONEWORK shall have the right to collect this DRONEWORK service fee directly from the funds that the Client provides to the Operator through an Approved Payment Mechanism.

There is no charge to use the platform as an Operator, aside from a 15% commission fee deducted from mission payouts (which excludes the DRONEWORK service fee); i.e. Operators get 85% of what they quote. We use this to cover our expenses – transaction fees, taxes, hosting costs and marketing campaigns to help the platform to grow – rather than splitting these out.